Clovis Pathway Courses


10th Grade - Exploration of child & adolescent literature

This English Language Arts college preparatory course is integrated with the Education Pathway standards. This course allows students to utilize Language Arts skills to investigate and evaluate the value and purpose of world literature for children and adolescents. Students synthesize their knowledge of the developmental stages of physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development with their understanding of appropriate teaching materials and readings for each of the stages.

11th Grade - Contemporary Issues in Education

This course is a college preparatory eleventh grade English course integrated with the Education pathway standards of the Education, Child Development, and Family Services sector, which allows students to see where the skills of English intersect with the elements of education. Students conduct research, closely read and analyze complex texts, evaluate instructional methodology and philosophy, and create a portfolio of reflections, activities, and compositions that, when synthesized, serve as the foundation for three capstone projects. Students will present a standardsbased lesson plan, research a contemporary issue in education, and participate in a mock job interview.

11th Grade - ROP Careers with Children

This course is designed to prepare students to work in fields dealing with children from birth to age 12. Students learn the organization and procedures involved with a preschool or day care center, as well as techniques for instructing, guiding, and caring for children in a childcare program. Through off-campus internships, field trips, and classroom speakers, students will learn firsthand about career opportunities that deal with children. Students prepare for and take the Paraprofessional exam.

12th Grade - ROP Education Careers

Students in this class study the nature and scope of the school system, the duties and opportunities of the professional teacher, factors relative to success in teaching, and credentialing requirements. Students prepare for and take the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and have an opportunity to observe and work in CUSD elementary and intermediate schools.


A variety of opportunities are available to pathway participants to encourage personal growth and professional development as they explore the education career option.

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