First Time Badging User Guide

1. Go to and click on the Sign Up button located at the bottom of the page.obpug 01 R

2. It will take you to the next page asking for your email and password.
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3. Once you've signed in, you will see a dashboard. For now it's empty, but you can easily earn your first Open Badge through completing five online tasks created by Hackasaurus.
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4. To earn an Education Pathway or Teacher Track badge (skip to step 6 for Dive into Space badges), you will need to apply for it and submit the necessary evidences that are required by the badge. Please make sure you use the same email as the one used to sign in to the Open Badge Passport (step 2) You can explore and apply for the Education Pathway badges at or Teacher Track badges at

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Teacher Track Badges

5. An email will be sent informing you if your application have been approved. If more evidence is required, an email will be sent with what is needed and you'll need to reapply for the badge.

6. Once approved, you can claim your badge and send it to Open Badge Passport by clicking on the link provided in the email. It will take you to a web page with details about the awarded badge.
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7. Congratulations, you've claimed your first badge! The procedure will be similar for the other badges, the differences being the requirements for earning them. Please read the "Sharing Your Badges" below for directions on how to share your accomplishments with your friends, family, and the public.